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Ballooning over Bagan

If you still didn’t make any plans for travelling on your next holiday, this should be the perfect time to choose. It is never late to choose for having an unique experience and see how is it like to fly above everyone. This is why you should take into consideration booking your trip in order to feel how does it feel like  ballooning over Bagan and relax on one of the most imperious cities that ever existed.

Being one of the biggest ancient cities in Asia, this city has a vast area where you can find and visit over 100 amazing temples and stupas. But what makes this city unique in the world is the image of it created by a sky full of colourful hot air balloons floating over all the temples. Of course, every tourist has the possibility to choose if they want to visit the city and the temples approaching to them by foot, but they can also go for the hot air balloon flight which will be for sure an experience they would never forget.

Starting from October to 10th of April there Is the middle of the season of the hot air balloons because the weather is the most favourable then. Mornings and evenings have that cold air breeze which make the perfect atmosphere for all the balloons to float right above the temples. The dramatic ancient views which can be seen only by going really close to them is an experience that feels like magic.

When choosing floating in an air balloon when going to Bagan, you should know that there is a program strictly followed by our staff in order to make you feel the greatest experience. A standard package of flying into this type of balloons starts with the hotel pick-up by one of our team mates at arouns 5:00-5:30 in the morning. You will be transferred at the balloon lauching site and while waiting for about 25 hours for the balloon to be inflated, you will have some time to enjoy a snack and a delicious coffee.

The whole balloon trip takes about one hour and during this time our guide who drives the balloon will tell you the story of the city and of all of the ancient temples you will see. The sunrise seen from the balloon box is an amazing experience that you will witness which will fill your soul with magic. After the landing, anyone will have time to enjoy some refreshers, fruits, coffee, croissants, and when the trip is finished, you will be transferred back to your accommodation at around 8 a.m.

Don’t forget to check our offers in order to see how you can convert your basic holiday into an unforgettable experience in the ancient area of Asia.