Punta Cana is the place to spend your winter vacations

Winter is around the corner and if you still have nothing planned in order to protect you against the cold, we strongly suggest you that start planning your trip now.

Many will be the options and the places that can offer you shelter from the low temperatures, but there is one that will surpass the others, its name is Punta Cana.

Punta Cana is a beautiful town located in the east side of the Dominican Republic, in a province called La Altagracia. In this peculiar locality you will find the most exclusive hotel complexes, you can literally choose any Punta Cana hotel you want and you will not be disappointed by the service and commodities of the resorts there.

Embrace in a Punta Cana vacation and prepare to experience a city like you’ve never before, visit La Costa del Coco, and let its white sand and crystalline water blow your mind, and if you like adventure, Sanoa Island would be ideal for you, this place belongs to the National East Park and is a land officially protected by the authorities.

If you’re in the mood of exploring and spotting exotic animals and plants, you need to visit the Manatí Park, here you can spend your day walking and knowing more about the culture and the traditions of the Dominican Republic while watching beautiful birds.

But there is one attraction that will leave you speechless, the Samaná Peninsula, here you will not only have the opportunity of visiting beautiful landscapes, but if you are lucky enough you will embrace in a truly life changing experience because of the spectacle of the humpback whales, it is a majestic thing that you cannot miss, to see this magnificent creatures swimming and jumping so close to you will give you chills.

So, there you have it, winter is coming, and Punta Cana and all its beautiful landscapes will be the best shelter for you.