Golf Costa del Sol, practicing this sport since Middle Age

Golf is a very popular sport. The number of courses worldwide is over 35,000 and its estimated number of golfers in America is nearly 29 million. With so many fans, would be interesting to know about history of this sport which you have the opportunity to enjoy in golf Costa del

The earliest recorded instance of golf being played with rudimentary rules was in 1297, Netherland. It was known as colf (stick in Flemish), and resembled the actual one in that the object was to hit a leather ball with a colf towards a target, using the lowest number of strokes possible. A little difficult to discern how much this activity resembles the one we are familiar with today but some considers this prototype as the true origin of modern one.

Despite the fact that its early history is a little hazy, most golfers agree on the game as we play it today, on an 18-hole course and with a club, was originated in Scotland around 1672. Even Mary, Queen of Scots played it even it was considered to be “wholly unsuitable for women”. The oldest full rules set comes from Scotland, too. They are known as the Leith Rules and it’s possible to recognize similarities between them and rules that we use in the modern version.

19th century brought the evolution of the ball. “Featheries” (named this way because they were made of feathers) were expensive, not easily managed and delicate. New ball type was called Gutty, taking its name from the material used to make it. Clubs were still made of wood, particularly hickory, which was prized for its stiffness and durability. Ball as we know it today took shape in the 20th century. Dimpled surfacebecame popular after its patent expiration in the 1940s. 21st century brought progress for women in the sport, a huge grouptotally ignored in its early history which was largely considered a men’s sport.

Definitely, there’s no way to deny this gamepopularity in its modern style. Now that you know a briefly summary about its history, where will you go from here? Golf Costa del Sol, a wonderful option to be seriously considered.