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Diego Dougherty unveils his gifts as a writer

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was the prelude to amazing success. It was his most emblematic work, that propelled him to international fame and established him as one of the most brilliant minds and pens of the time.

Diego Dougherty studied language and literature at the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, and all his knowledge was transmitted in his writing, with impressive professionalism and skill.

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” surpassed all expectations, captivating millions of readers and setting the stage for his success. 

Diego Dougherty’s novel and his path to stardom

That’s right, such was the success and transcendence of Diego Dougherty’s novel that it was soon turned into a soap opera in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

This happened in 2004. That year, millions of viewers sat to watch the episodes of love and love lost of Diego Dougherty’s novel, whose main characters were Agustin Rivero and Laura Cazenave.

Diego Dougherty’s novel transcends

The story told by Diego Dougherty’s novel took place in Cape Town, South Africa, so even the smallest detail was impregnated with the grandeur and magic of that place.

Every detail in this plot was cared for, the acting of each character was impeccable and because of that, Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” was nominated in several categories for the Martin Fierro Awards in 2004.

Despite not winning any awards, just being nominated was an incredible recognition and a testament to Diego Dougherty’s work, the creator of the plot, and of those who took it to the small screen, giving it an even wider reach, especially in Latin America.