How the design can influence in the best golf course in Spain

The real value of architecture in the best golf course in Spain is not obtaining classifications and stunning photographs, really it’s in the creation of magic in the game and nothing less than that. With increasing competition and leisure time constraints, it’s important that the time on the golf course is a well spent time, maybe with friends, family or in a professional competition, if the course is attractive and functional you will always want to go back.

If you are a golfer, architecture fields directly affects in a very personal level. If you like literature, you can read voraciously but quality readings, not just cartoons. Moviegoers can avoid any kind they do not like by simply stop buying the tickets. Viewers can easily change channels. But as a golfer, you cannot skip a hole.

Even a poorly designed feature can ruin a hole, and every bad hole is securely reducing the enjoyment of the game. It may be that a number of holes which are average as an opportunity to relax and have fun become monotonous and extremely bored.

For this reason, all the features of its golf course should be designed not only built without planning. If the death of a green, you might think that simply is rebuilding an area of grass. Architects must always think in a field such as creating a space for maximum enjoyment.

In short, the architecture of golf courses is the arrangement of the elements of the landscape to facilitate the game. Without meticulous architecture and design, there is no field. Followed that without a good architecture, there isn’t a good field, without planning, there isn’t a great field to enjoy. It also follows that the poor performance in architecture, well you can guess.

Almost endless debates exists about over what style, what architects and what materials are better than others inspired. It makes us wonder if less is more, more is more, or simply overload a field ruins the experience, create both cheers and cries of despair, making golf a drama or a comedy depending on who plays, is it up to your decision and verdict.

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