Residence for Real Estate Investments – Frequently Asked

Obtaining the Spain property invest residence permit may generate some doubts. To clarify them it is necessary to seek the advice of specialists in this area. There are many, but we will try to clarify the most frequent ones.

The golden visa is a type of visa that is given to those investors who acquire property within the Spanish territory. It also allows access to temporary residence and is valid for non-EU citizens.

Who can opt for this modality?

It applies exclusively to those people who are outside Spanish territory and do not belong to the European Union. If you want to know more about the requirements and options of properties to acquire you can do it press here.

How long can stay in Spain with this visa?

The initial time given for people to reside in Spain with this visa is one year. After that, the authorization can be requested to give a term extension of 2 years. When this period expires, the investor can apply for a longer period of time. If the state approves, you can have an authorization for 5 years. As long, as the applicant remains legally solvent and meets the requirements for this purpose.

What is the minimum amount of money to be able to obtain this visa?

Does the right of residence extend to my relatives?

Yes, a person who obtains a residence permit may extend this right to his or her immediate family members. Spouse or unmarried partner, minor children or adult children and ascendants that is financially dependent on the person applying for the golden visa.

What is the minimum amount of money to be able to obtain this visa?

The minimum amount required to be considered for the golden visa is 500.000 € in the case of the acquisition of property. It is important to contact a real estate agent for the best options within or above this range.

You can only invest in homes or can be in another type of property?

The law states that you can acquire any property, no matter if it is intended for housing or commercial activity. As long as the interested party complies with the corresponding legal requirements, there is no problem.

Spain property invest residence permit
Spain property invest residence permit

Does the law allow investment in companies?

Yes, the law allows for investment to be made through the acquisition of a property in co-ownership. However, the minimum investment that must be made by each person who wishes to obtain residence is 500,000 euros.