Translation and marketing, the cultural challenge


In today’s competitive markets, trying to go overseas to sell a successful product can become a major challenge for any business. The reason being that the messages that where able to sell the goods in the original country, may just not work in country number two. Translating advertisement is not a matter of interchanging words from one language into another language. The challenge lies in the cultural background of the target country and needs the expertise of the translation and marketing professionals. art3-batch8526-kw3-translation-and-marketing

In order to reach a new population in a different country, the translators need to have a deep understanding of the culture and traditions of the place. They have to manage for example, colloquial expressions of common use. Or they have to be familiar with words that are considered indecent or inappropriate.

What is also very important is to maintain the intent and the meaning of the original announcements. The experts in marketing translation have the tools to keep the original message using the natural wording that will make it understandable by the target population. This is not an easy task and it needs experienced professionals that are familiar with the language and cultures of the country of origin of the product and of the new targeted place.

Experts of the translation and marketing business have received extensive training in the techniques of translation and writing. They also require profound knowledge of the traditions and habits of the target market.  Marketing translation is a new area of development for the average translator. One that demands a particular preparation and it is very much looked after in the business world.

Large multinational businesses usually have their own marketing translators. Small companies however, that are beginning their operations abroad and require cross marketing translations, need to rely on freelancers or on  business dedicated to financial and marketing translations.  Here is when experience is most important. The future of successful marketing overseas may depend on the quality of the translation services hired. Just look for the best and the rewards will come faster than expected.