Looking for an apartment for rent by days in Barcelona? Check this tips and make a safe play

Looking for an apartment for rent by days in Barcelona in summer is one of the options that many people choose to spend the holidays. However, on some occasions they may encounter very different problems ranging from issues related to the way of payment of rent to extras not included in the price or bad uses of the home. Here are some tips that every person should take on account when renting a summer apartment:

  1. Secure a secure payment method. Some methods of payment are safer than others. It is preferable to pay with card or transfer, since the banks can revoke the operation until a few days after having done it in case of discovering irregularities. Direct money forwarding services are the ones that can generate more suspicion to detect a scam following the announcement of a home.
  2. Be sure of the apartment for rent by days in Barcelona. When renting, it is important to ask for photographs and examine the reliability of the owner. Ideally, you can visit the property before or at the very least, contact the owner or agent directly or try different online platform which have a vastly offer of apartments.
  3. A reasonable pay and signal. If it is mandatory to give a payment and signal to reserve the accommodation is a good symptom to make sure that no one else will be able to rent that house in the agreed dates, however, this payment should not suppose more of a 20% or 30% on the price Total rent.
  4. Alert with scams. You should be wary of those ads with pictures of spectacular homes at ridiculous prices. It is important to know the average price of the area to know if the product offered can become a scam or because they ask for much more than they should or because it is a bargain.

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