Puerto Plata is the best destination to visit

Traveling is a luxury not much people can afford, let’s be honest about it, to travel or to vacation to another country is rather expensive, that is why we need to do an extensive research about what country or place is the more suitable option for us and for our family.

When we are talking about traveling there will be so many options that will appear, so the task of choosing the bestdestination can become an exhausting chore to do.

In the aspects that you should consider before making a trip there’s one that is the most essential, that the place is a destination where you will have the time for truly relax, relaxation is the key point when we’re talking about traveling.

And if we are talking about relaxation there is one place that will offer you the most relaxing time of your life, its name is Puerto Plata and if it doesn’t ring a bell to you, you’re about to get excited for traveling to this magical place as soon as possible.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, the actual name of this incredible place, is the capital of the province of Puerto Plata, and it is located on the North Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic. This city is very famous for its beaches such as Playa Dorada, a beach with a long coastline with the most amazing resorts, and an impressive 18-hole golf course where you can feel like the next Tiger Woods for an hour or two.

In the center of the city you can appreciate the colonial style and admire the San Felipe Fortress as well, built by the Spaniards in the 16th century and which currently exhibits military and historical objects.

Stop hesitating any longer, stay in a Puerto Plata hotel and discover why this amazing Dominican paradise will be the best destination for you.