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Train to France from Spain – Include it in your next holiday itinerary

Discovering the wonders offered by the old continent turns out to be one of the modalities most sought after by tourists when they have decided to go on a well-deserved holiday. Europe has many historical and natural attractions that, without a doubt, give it the privilege of being the preferred destination for travellers in the world.

There are one and a thousand ways to plan a tour around the main countries that make up the European region. However, there are amazing capitals that everyone has ever dreamed of being able to visit. It is possible to mention the capital of Madrid and the city light as two tourist icons that every traveler should know as he passes through this continent.

Is it possible to visit both countries in the same trip? Of course it is possible. The mechanism to achieve this is to travel by train to France from Spain or vice versa. This possibility is very popular between these two nations thanks to the rail link that has kept them connected for more than 130 years.

or vice versa. This possibility is very popular between these two nations thanks to the rail link that has kept them connected for more than 130 years.

Travelling by train … you have to live it

The fact of knowing these cities for those who have never visited it is very interesting; but traveling by train is already a lot to say, because there is no more enchanting adventure than to be able to travel through this wonderful country aboard a train admiring the landscape throughout its journey and enjoying the pleasure of traveling in this means of transport with all its advantages.

But for those who have not had the pleasure of enjoying it, we tell you here what are its most important benefits, as long as they do so through a company recognized in the service of this type of transport:

  • Transfer to the center of the most important cities of these two countries, which allows you not to lose money or time in additional transfers which makes your trip present no stumbling blocks.
  • A fast and direct trip without waiting, due to the minimum time of 2 minutes that you have to be in the terminal of the train to embark, reason why they are not necessary the useless lost hours that is accustomed to have in advance in airports, for example.
  • The probability of including up to three suitcases without additional payment, as in other means of transport, which means that the extra weight no longer has to become a problem.
  • The ample and comfortable seating which even allows you to enjoy the trip taking advantage of your time, using your laptop, mobile or any game console, because you can have outlets and tables with seats for greater comfort.
  • The train trip allows a route in which you can relax in an absolutely placid way, relaxing in such a way that you can read a book, listen to music with your headphones or even take a restorative nap.
  • Travelling by train makes it possible to collaborate with the planet given that this means of transport is the one that generates the least CO2 emissions.