Wise up about employee motivation

One of the internal goals of the most important companies today is to keep the best employees. Your ability to do this will have a big influence on success and your income if you are in charge of the entire company, department or team. Following an investigation, reports that if new employees receive a good incentive plan since The principle, this has a great plan of employee motivation and the success of these people increases in the coming weeks and months.

You have to have a list of active projects. Try to make them feel as if the company is theirs for some time and allow them to immediately start their work. Find time to know the products or services and how to prepare or make references and make known to the workers so that in the future such work they do and they feel so satisfied to get it. This is a strategy that includes new employees being in a proactive and productive system from day one. When new employees feel comfortable in the work environment, they will be more motivated and committed to the job and the company.

To keep the best employees, you must meet three main needs of a job:

·         The first is the need for security. People want security, comfort and protection of the company. They want to work with bosses they can trust and who can be a role model. If this need can be met, a loyal employee is obtained.

·         The second need is the need for recognition. This is the commitment of employees who stand out, to gain recognition, to feel important in front of others for the work they have done.

·         And finally, the third important need is for employees to feel that they belong to a team, as well as to work in harmony and collaborate with others. One of the key management skills is to motivate employees by taking into account an incentive plan.

If motivated the employee will have a productivity of 40% greater. Every three months or every time that each boss sees it necessary can organize meetings between all the employees in which they talk about current business plans of the company and the state of motivation of each one and know them more personally.